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Are you feeling overwhelmed by clutter and disorganization?

We specialize in helping individuals, families, and businesses create harmonious and functional spaces.


Let's Meet

Hello, I'm Lisa, a Professional Home Organizer, and owner of 

Light At The End Of The Clutter.

We are passionate about transforming spaces to clear away clutter for good. We create calm, and organized environments, where items are easy to find. We love helping people gain back their space and time, by creating customized systems, which in turn can help to reduce stress, improve focus, save money, and increase overall productivity.

Our Services

We are a Certified and Insured Professional Home Organizing Service in Calgary, Alberta. Services include home organization, including kitchens and pantries, closets, playrooms, home offices, storage areas, etc. Additional services we offer are assisting with decluttering, and minimizing, whether you moving, downsizing, or just need a lifestyle change!

The benefits to having an organized home include saving time and money, being able to quickly find items when needed, as well as reduce stress by create a more clear and calm environment. Contact us today for a FREE 30 minute phone, or virtual consult for more information! 

Happy Clients' Homes


Lisa is amazing at what she does! She is super professional and excellent at organizing your space. Her positive attitude also motivated me to keep going, even after she left. She is 100% non-judgmental, and genuinely wants to help you get organized.


This was a very good service, my home has never been this organized. I was very impressed with how my place came together. I would highly recommend this service if you have an area or living space you feel overwhelmed with, she can fix it for you.


Mess stresses me out so when Lisa offered her services to organize my daughters overflowing closet, I jumped at the opportunity! She offered tips and tricks for keeping things neat and tidy and helped me choose shelving and bins for other areas in my home. I highly recommend The Light at the End of the Clutter for all your home organizational needs!


Light At The End Of The Clutter is a proud member of POC -

Professional Organizers In Canada.

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